I have met so many others that suffer from food allergies like me in the Collierville, St. Jude and Cooper Young Farmers markets where I sell my desserts weekly. The stories I hear will make you cry. I am so happy that I can give people experiences they have never had before or for some, give them a positive experience with food.

I met a 12 year old young woman who was able to eat one of our doughnuts. It was her very first time having one. They drove all the way from Mississippi to come visit The Pink Bakery. Her parents were so thankful that she could finally eat something and they didn’t have to worry about going to the hospital that evening. There was also a man who had not had a brownie in 5 years. He savored each bite and told me that the flavor reminded him of how his grandma’s brownies used to taste. I can’t forget the mother who was searching high and low to find a smash cake for her son’s 1st birthday. He will never know what it feels like to have not had a cake on that day, because we were able to make sure he had a cake to smash into. An amazing mother made sure she ordered cupcakes for her son’s class so everyone could eat the same thing and not be made to feel different while they celebrated a birthday. Lastly, I have met 1 to many brides who have told me that had they not found out about us, they were just not going to even have a cake for their wedding or if they had one, they just would not be able to participate in eating it with all of their guests. The stories can go on and on and that warms my heart. Knowing that because of these desserts, people can experience a “normal life” is what keeps me going. There is so much anxiety and fear around food and we completely ease that. The Pink Bakery desserts are safe!

We have out grown the current kitchen we are in and we need your help to support us being able to make safe desserts for the food allergic communities in the Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas areas. We need our own dedicated commercial kitchen. Please help us make this dream a reality.

$50,000 helps us to be able to pay rent and utilities for 2 years

$75,000 helps us to be able to pay rent and utilities for 2 years and purchase our bakery equipment

$100,000 helps us to be able to pay rent and utilities for 2 years, purchase our bakery equipment and purchase inventory

No amount is too small. For everyone that donates, we will add your name to the inside walls of our bakery – this will be your legacy.

Nubian – The Pink Baker