That’s me, the one looking at the cake wondering when we were going to eat it! Who else remembers those cakes from the 80’s lol? (side note, my Aunt is going to kill me for putting this photo up of her – lol)

Who would have thought that, I was allergic to the main parts of that cake – the milk and wheat! I would have never guessed it!!

When I was born, I was labeled a “failure to thrive baby”. What a way to enter the world! I was born vaginally and thankfully got my mother’s colostrum.

However, my mom got sick after I was born and could no longer breast feed me. So I had to be put on Similac. Downer! I always wonder now that I have done my research on food allergies, what was the root cause? Did it happen in utero? Was it the food my mom ate when she was pregnant? Did it happen after I was born? Was it the Similac? Was it the food I ate growing up?

Have you ever had to watch someone you love suffer from a food reaction? If you answered yes, I am sure you felt like my mom did, HELPLESS. A parent’s love is an amazing thing – it is the most focused love on earth! If anyone was going to find out what I was reacting to, it was my mom. We found out the culprit was milk. What a letdown! I am from Wisconsin and we have the BEST milk products!

I used to wonder why I had to suffer, just because I wanted to enjoy foods everyone else was able to eat. My options were to not eat it and feel excluded, or eat it and experience a severe histamine or gastrointestinal reaction. There had to be another option. I was determined to find it!

After years of living with a milk allergy, I then developed a severe wheat allergy! So there went desserts forever right? Nope. I decided to create my own desserts and mixes that not only taste yummy, but can also be enjoyed by people with food allergies. We use only organic, Non-GMO, gluten free, Fair Trade and responsibly sourced ingredients. The desserts are naturally vegan. No one should feel excluded from celebrations because of a food allergy. A lot of love (hence the word pink) and research has gone into my mixes. I bake in a state inspected dedicated kitchen free of the Big 8 foods.

I hope that you enjoy them!


Special Thank You Shout Outs:

You learn what unconditional love from your family and friends really means when you follow your heart & gut and start a conscious company. I did not know how to bake and had no desire to even be a baker before this experience. I mean I could follow the instructions on box mixes, but to bake from scratch? Nope. All I had were my food allergies and a longing to create desserts that I could eat that tasted amazing but wouldn’t make me sick. I was very blessed that others who had food allergies and those who did not have food allergies liked them too! I was encouraged to share my gifts with the world. To start a food business. So here it is – The Pink Bakery, Inc – TN’s 1st Big 8 Allergen Free Bakery!

To my trusty supporters, although you may not have known at the time what you were doing for me, your contributions made all the difference in the world. To those who wouldn’t let me quit when I was crying in frustration and was ready to give up, to those who let me bake in your homes, to those who helped me learn about the business of the food industry, to those who shared your food allergies and sensitivities with me, to those of you who continuously taste tested my mixes (whew in those early days I know it was tough LOL); I say thank you! Your “constructive criticism” and “encouraging words” pushed me to become a better baker and complete my mixes for The Pink Bakery, Inc. The journey to get here, to this place, where my mixes have been given the stamp of approval, the testing of the packaging is complete, the website is up and I still have my hair (maybe a few extra grey pieces but I still have it none the less) – has truly been a life changing experience. I want to thank the village that helped me get here. I love you all more than you know and because you helped me build this company, people all over the world can have dessert again without worrying about an allergic reaction to the Big 8 allergens. Give yourselves a pat on the back – that is your legacy.

God, Mama, Sacha, Ishmael, Bilal, Sequoyah, Ernest, Maciah, Mariah, Manny, Maria, Karen S, Jeanne and John C, Nate S, John G, Kelly, Kevin, Kelsey, Charlene, Ray, John L, Kim G, Raven, Gennifer J, Hadiyyah, Sumaiyah, Clark Family, Lindsay, Javon, Layla, Reaghan, Houston Red Tent Group, Kenny M, Sarah A, Hassina M, Andrea, Eric and Elijah W, Shavell & Darryl P, Andrea P, Jujuanna B, Tesha G, Catherine H, Qingue L, Sarah M, Samantha B, Brian R, Connie P, Susan D, Cheri S, All Dentists and Staff – Integrative Dental Solutions, The Milwaukee Islamic Dawa Center, Rena A, Rose K, Cathy B, Katie G, Brittany E, Laura H, The Wisconsin Athletic Center staff, Talbot’s of Brookfield, Mike and Jennie K, Thresea and Victor G, Mez The Nashville Business Incubation Center, Angela J, Mildred W, Food Allergy Education and Research, Abbey and Grant C, The Serenity Healing Center, Kelley B, NAWBO Memphis Chapter Accelerator Class 2017 , Angela L and St. Jude’s Target House.

We did it!!

Nubian – The Pink Baker